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Sri La Sri Lobha Matha Agasthiar Ashram

Sri Agasthiar The Fourth Vishnupathi of the Chitrabaanu Year - Feb/13/2ØØ3

The fourth Vishnupathi auspicious time period of the Chitrabaanu year occurs on late night Feb/13 and continues into the morning of Feb/13/2ØØ3. Observe this occasion according to the Siddha worship procedures described in the February 2ØØ3 issue of Sri Agasthia Vijayam, the Ashram monthly magazine.

The nine hour period from 0130 hours to 1030 hours IST on Feb/13 is of great spiritual importance. As we have pointed out elsewhere in AUMzine (articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), spiritual aspirants can make great spiritual progress by following specific worship procedures revealed by the Siddhas for this particular time period. The Sathguru, Guru Mangala Gandharva Venkataraman, has been revealing these Siddha procedures for many years now.

The Vishnupathi time period occurs once in three months. Thus there are four Vishnupathi time periods in each varusham (year). Since each varusham repeats once in 60 years, each of these Vishnupathi periods occurs once only in 60 years. In other words, if you miss celebrating the fourth Vishnupathi of the Chitrabaanu varusham (year), you'll have to wait 60 years for the next one! Hence seize the moment and celebrate each Vishnupathi in accordance with Siddha procedures.

The Vishnupathi auspicious time period marks that time in a different era during which Lord Narayana performed miracles for the sake of His devotees. Each of these auspicious Vishnupathi time periods should be observed by devotees using a specific set of Siddha worship procedures.

For Feb/13/2ØØ3, these pooja procedures have been described in the February 2ØØ3 issue of Sri Agasthia Vijayam, the Ashram monthly magazine. Please refer to this issue for details and do this pooja as described therein. As with all poojas, the Lord blesses the devotee with both spiritual and material wealth.

The February 2ØØ3 issue of the Ashram monthly magazine also describes the great spiritual events that happened during the Chitrabaanu Maasi maasa (i.e., fourth) Vishnupathi during various yugas. So make sure you read this issue of the magazine.

Theeyatthoor Vishnupathi Feb 2ØØ3
Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple at Theeyatthoor
(en route Aavudaiyaar temple - Thirupunavasal
Tamil Nadu, India
near Ponpetthi village)
The Temple of Honor during the
fourth Vishnupathi of the Chitrabaanu varusham

What you need to keep in mind about this Vishnupathi pooja on Feb/13/2ØØ3:
¶ Theeyatthoor is sacred ground; Lord Rama's holy feet walked this ground.
¶ Sri Mahalakshmi Herself worshipped Lord Sahasra Lakshmeesvara Siva with 1008 lotuses at Theeyatthoor, got darshan of Sri Sundararaja Perumal and attained a permanent place in the Lord's chest. Worship with bakthi and faith and you'll realize this Siddha insight by the grace of the sathguru. This Chitrabanu varusha Maasi maasa Vishnupathi occurs once in 60 years. It's a golden day on which Mahalakshmi blesses her devotees with boons that relieve their money problems.
¶ On this day, Mothers Parvati, Lakshmi and Bhooma Devi wore gold and silver metti toe rings, carried golden lotuses and walked from the Ponpetthi village to Theeyatthoor and did pooja for Narayana and Siva. Thus this day is a good day to gift the poor with silver metti toe rings. Those who just can't seem to get settled in a job or get a house will benefit from this dhaanam; they will get a sense of stability in their lives.
¶ In honor of the yatra walk done by the Mothers (mentioned above), devotees should walk from the Ponpetthi village to Theeyatthoor and do pooja for Narayana and Siva. During this yatra walk, men should wear thiruvendayam rings on their feet and women should wear anklets and metti toe rings. Do this in celebration of what the Mothers did many yugas ago.
¶ This particular vishnupathi is important for:
    * those who have only one child
    * those who had few children and some of which have passed away
    * those who had one child but that one passed away
    * those who live alone because their children have gone their ways
    * those who do not want the above situations to happen to them.
They should observe the following worship procedure: On Amavasya, Maasa Sivarathri and Agni days like Tuesday, Saturday, Barani, Krittika, Utthiram and Chittirai, they should do a yatra walk from Ponpetthi temple to Theyatthoor and do pooja there. Since Theeyatthoor is an important agni-tatva place, offer sambraani dhoop fragrant smoke and incense. Do lamp jothi pooja, havan and other agni oriented pooja for both Sri Sahasra Lakshmeesvara and Sri Sundararaja Perumal. Renovate the temples here and arrange for their upkeep and maintenance.
¶ Those women who feel that their husbands don't love them should participate in this Vishnupathi pooja.
¶ Those who can not be at this Vishnupathi pooja for legitimate reasons (not excuses) should stay awake the whole night (like Sivaratri or Vaikunta Ekadasi) during this Vishnupathi punya kaalam with your whole family and chant the names of Sundararaja Perumal, Mahalakshmi, Sri Bruhanaayaki and Sri Sahasra Lakshmeesvara and do pooja in Their honor.
¶ Since Sri Sundararaja Perumal gave darshan with 1000 faces to Sri Mahalakshmi, it's good to do all pooja and dhaanam activities here in terms of 1000; for example, do archana with 1000 flowers, thulasi, vilvam; do homam fire ceremony with 1000 offerings of oblations; do 1000 homams; feed 1000 people; give clothes to 1000 people; give books and educational supplies to 1000 kids and so on. It's easy to do this if you do it as a group. Get together as devotees by shedding race, religion and nationality differences and do pooja and dhaanam here.
¶ This region contains deposits of iron, gold and the like say the Siddhas.
¶ Couples who have separated because of constant quarreling should worship here during this Vishnupathi if they want to stop their quarreling and live peacefully in love with each other.
¶ This Vishnupathi occurs on a Ekadasi and Guru vaaram. This is an excellent spiritual combination for those who have a Sathguru but haven't made spiritual progress because they haven't made use of the spiritual opportunities which have been given them; They should pray for ways in which they can make up for the lost spiritual opportunities.

Sri Ranga Natha, the Lord of Lords

Om Salutations to Sri Sundararaja Perumal of Theeyatthoor
Om Salutations to Sri Mahalakshmi of Theeyatthoor
Om Salutations to Sri Sahasra Lakshmeesvara of Theeyatthoor
Om Salutations to Sri Bruhanaayaki of Theeyatthoor
Om Salutations to Sri Maha Vishnu
Om Salutations to Maha Guru Sri Agasthiar
Om Salutations to the Agasthiar Lineage
Om Salutations to the Siddhas

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